Captivating Carbohydrates – Part 2

Did your emotional and physical responses loosen up a bit since reading Part 1? If not, please take a cell phone selfie and email it to me immediately.

I’ve been fairly set in my own ways when it comes to practicing specific nutritional philosophies. Sometimes my beliefs get lost within the dark forces of the Galatic Empire.

I think many of us feel frustrated hearing new eclectic food suggestions, especially when it’s opposite to our current nutritional practice. We get extremely focused on exact ways of eating because of the results we have encountered or from the hopes we have after hearing someone else’s story.

I look back at that health seminar when my instructor said I may need to increase and switch up my carbohydrates (see Captivating Carbohydrates – Part 1).

Thank goodness I had a few Yoda’s in my life to gently remind me to pull the celery stick forces out of my ass, allowing me to remain open and receptive to new information.

Now wait one garsh darn second! Did this mean that my physical appearance at that time wasn’t a valid display that my health was heavenly? This couldn’t be so.

Drumroll please…

Having low body fat, a lean physique, and captivating abs DID NOT MEAN I WAS HEALTHY.

My reason for eating mostly low glycemic vegetables, beans & grains, and carbohydrates that have little to no sugar was probably very similar to the other carbo-phobes.

I followed the folks that preached and wrote about how eating the carbohydrates high is natural sugar will lead to weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, and disease.

I was the guy who juiced vegetables three times a week, ate cooked and raw veggies daily, rarely ate flour based items, and consumed a few sprouted grains and legumes.

Every week I’d nourish myself with organic meats and wild caught seafood, used only olive and coconut oil, downed a wheatgrass a couple times a month, and remained hell-bent with one or two cheat days each week.

How’s that for being healthy? My mind wasn’t fully free and happy. All I could think was “chiseled washboards abs don’t fail me now!”

I ate plenty of carbohydrates, but I kept consuming the ones that provided very minimal cellular energy, heat, and metabolic value.

The carbohydrates in my life were barely raising my blood sugar. Maybe this was part of the problem.

Beyond my freezing hands symptom I mentioned in Part 1, here are a few other lovely things I began experiencing:

I encountered regular bloating in my lower abdominals
My feet and nose were cold quite often
I began struggling with maintaining muscle
It felt like the north pole during my workouts
My daily body temperature ranged from 95.9 to 96.2
I’d wake up in the night feeling wide awake with adrenaline surges
I felt hungry every hour or two
I’d continuously fart from the best local vegetables on the planet

Under no circumstance was I eating the wrong types of carbohydrates. It couldn’t be part of the problem. No way. Uh-uh!

Numerous people have lost weight, reversed disease, and healed their conditions by doing juice fasts, going raw, and eating mostly above ground carbohydrates. In no way am I disregarding the health transformations that people have gone through from these nutritional practices.

For me, it has come down to three things:

Personal experience and my transformation since revamping
Clients that I work with and their progress
The research published that makes sense based on our physiology

My clean eating ways have been steadfast for fifteen years. I began the un-learning process and nutritional revamp in 2011.

Since my revamp:

I’ve waived goodbye to my bulging belly bloat
I eat every three hours instead of every hour or two
There is a consistent new found warmth in my hands, nose, and feet
My body feels nourished and satisfied instead of hungry
I now feel toasty and produce sweat during workouts
My daily body temperature stays fairly steady at 97.6 and up
Night time wake-ups are very rare
I’m still able to maintain a lean, yet more nourished looking body
My butt doesn’t exhibit as much funky terror

There have been different reasons that have helped me appreciate a new philosophy.

I decided to learn about the body on a different level. Studying our bodies takes time, and I still learn plenty as the days go on.

I chose to research and understand carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It’s not just about choosing the right types of captivating carbohydrates that are supportive for your physiology. Digestible proteins and fats are extremely essential. How you sleep, think, relax, and juggle life are imperative components as well.

There is a continued reminder in my brain to simply enjoy food as well. Food is pleasurable and pleasure is fun!

In Part 1 I stated, “eating mostly above ground vegetables, vegetable juices, grains, beans, and sprouted flours as your primary sources of carbohydrates may be part of the reason why you have felt and noticed… ”

Do you recall the various symptoms that I listed after that statement?

If any of those symptoms resonate with you, I want you to consider starting this process by modifying the types of carbohydrates you are eating.

What types of carbohydrates provide reduced cravings, thyroid support, simplified digestion, body temperature regulation, stable blood sugar, and powerful octane for your tank?

Root Vegetables
Certain Fruit Juices

These items have one potent thing in common. Sugar! (the good kind)

You have probably been told to eat minimal amounts or run far away from these types of carbohydrates, right?

Since my revamp, I now see these as truly digestible sugars and captivating carbohydrates. I look at these foods differently now, and have experienced the nourishing power of them.

When we begin to understand the harsh realities of undigestible cellulose and the de-energizing effects of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids, there is a shift in what we choose to put in our mouth.

Understanding the importance of glucose oxidation over lipid peroxidation has turned my world upside down. Bit by bit, I continue to remain open and learn.

Most of my nutritional re-education stemmed from the same instructor, who began teaching a course called The Metabolic Blueprint.

Here is a small excerpt from Josh and Jeanne Rubin’s course…

“Glucose stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas. Fructose on the other hand does not stimulate insulin secretion because it is metabolized in the liver as well as other tissues in the body. Ray Peat, PhD states that fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so this means that eating ordinary sugar, sucrose (a disaccharide, consisting of fructose and glucose), in place of starch, will reduce the tendency to store fat.”

This way of eating is a very different yet powerful philosohpy compared to the mainstream nutritional ways.

Keep in mind that this statement is just a smidgen of food physiology. There is much more to the discussion of captivating carbohydrates.

I could keep writing about different scientific pieces that I have learned from their course, or from other researchers (Dr. Ray Peat as one example) who write about true food physiology. That would probably bore the hell out of you.

I want you to enjoy this process with as little boredom as possible.

Start using fruits and root vegetables as your primary carb choices.

You don’t have to chuck your entire bin of cruciferous veggies and leafy greens. Simply pick two fruits or one root to eat per week, and continue to add a new one every other week. Soon enough, you will have a variety of new restorative carbohydrates integrated into your meals.

Don’t forget to pair them with a healthy protein and fat as well!

The exciting part of this journey is:

You will start feeling a sense of renewal
Typical ‘sugar’ cravings will dwindle
New energy and clarity will be noticed
Concrete metabolic shifts will develop

How strong is the desire to increase your metabolism, enhance daily energy, improve detoxification, strengthen the immune system, or balance your hormones?

Picture that desire and increase it’s strength by giving yourself permission to start a new re-education and food exploration process.

Consider the possibility of feeling more lively, looking super sexy, and moving your body in a more youthful way.

Remember the bewildered cell phone selfie picture you took at the beginning of this journey? As you notice progress over time, that picture will most like stay the same… but with an added smile.

There will be an upcoming blog article on my website titled “5 Reasons to Ditch Your Low Carb Diet: Nutrition Experts Weight In.” Check it out by clicking on my website below.

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