What Are the Most Basic Features That You Look for in a Smart Phone?

“Dude, Your phone is simply awesome!”- You really feel proud when someone appreciates your choice of smart phone. But with so many market players launching new models every fortnight, you ought to be very careful when you are choosing a smart phone. Here is a list of top five features that you generally look for in a smart phone and seal the deal with utmost happiness. Check these out so that you can make the best deal next time:

Screen size

Screen size has become an important aspect to screen and filter your choice of phone. The older phones were designed to look small and petite so that they can even fit inside your palm. But as smart phones entered the scene, User interface, graphics and display features started to dominate there by requiring a better screen resolution which can be achieved with a bigger screen size. Ideally 4.5 to 5 inches screen size seems a practical choice as it is easy to hold, light in weight and the picture quality and resolution can also be matched to visual perception.


Want to click awesome selfies? Then it is mandatory for you to choose the phone with brilliant camera settings. Dual camera with good shutter speed and image resolution is indispensable for anyone who wants to capture some real good to take selfie. Rather than sticking to the specification sheet, one has to read the customer reviews and if possible test the phone camera once before finalizing the deal.


Along with camera, the battery life should also be cross checked for safety. With 24/7 Internet connectivity and super active sensors, the smart phones can easily run out of charge and you need to be smart carrying a power bank with you because you may find hard to locate a power socket compatible to your wired charger. But hold on, with wireless charging and other superior models already released in the market, you will have to make a smarter choice by opting for wireless charging facility as well. With this kind of chargers, you can easily charge your device anywhere and everywhere.

Hardware and software

The next important requirement for a smart phone is its hardware specification like touch screen display design details, the circuit design, body etc. These are vital as having invested a good amount of money; you should not end up buying a fragile phone that breaks on the mere touch of it. Also one should check the version of OS installed in the phone and the options to upgrade the same.


The most important feature of all without which the entire discussion would go waste is the cost. Always choose to buy a smart phone that is moderately priced. Rather than going to edgy and spending most of your savings in a phone, you can as well buy a phone that is smart, sexy, and stylish and most importantly helps you to make calls without any voice loss.

Thus, right from size, weight, memory, camera, processor speed, touch display, resolution etc are some of the features that you need to evaluate before selecting the phone for sure. After all it is going to be your best friend, philosopher and guide without which you cease to exist. Hence, choose wisely and connect happily